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Wraptors mafia Micro squeegee's

Wraptors mafia Micro squeegee's

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These unique Wrapping tools help you in specific vinyl applications in very extreme and small corrugations where a regular squeegee is difficult to use.

• Specifically designed for vinyl graphics films applications featuring very tight, compressed corrugations and other narrow substrate indentations without damage.

The BLACK (hardest) is innovative addition, while film is hard to stick on surface, use this one to reduce workloads more easily.

The RED (Harder) is designed to enable you to apply film in areas of narrow curves and over the edges of car panels, and to make sure that film is perfectly applied around the edges of logos and emblems, to create a seamless application.

The BLUE (softer) is the right choice for film application over narrow, concave parts of a car, such as the grille, around the headlights, and the weather seals around doors and windows.

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