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001 - Detailing Car Wash Shampoo | N9 x Wraptors

001 - Detailing Car Wash Shampoo | N9 x Wraptors

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N9 x Wraptors Detailing Car Wash Shampoo | Non-Toxic 100% Natural pH-Neutral Formula | Luxurious Thick Foaming Car Soap Wash With Max Suds | Safe On Car Wax, Wraps & Ceramic Coating With High Gloss Shine | 8oz| Cherry Blast

Car Shampoo Safe on All Cars: This car wash shampoo is made with 100% natural
and non-toxic ingredients, which work effectively on both coated and uncoated vehicles.
It protects and restores vehicle paint properties at a nano polymer level, resulting in an
exceptional shine to your cars paint.

Premium Gloss Shine Car Shampoo without any harmful contaminants:
Any color
can be cared for with our Car Shampoo. Its pH-balanced formula won't remove wax or
sealant. Cleans your vehicle's exterior clear coat by washing away harmful dirt, grime,
tar, and bugs with this high-concentration car wash soap/shampoo whilst leaving a high
gloss shine.

Car Wash Shampoo Formulation:
Our Car Shampoo formula is suitable for use in
foam cannons, foam guns, pump sprayers, or wash buckets. This high-performance and
highly concentrated formula will quickly become your go-to detailing car wash shampoo.
It is professional grade, to get the most effective results and are also simple enough to
use for even a beginner to achieve immediate results.


2-bucket wash method
Add 1 oz. of shampoo to a 5-gallon soap bucket. Wash the car from top to bottom with a microfiber mitt. Rinse the mitt in a clean water bucket before returning it to the soap bucket. Use a third bucket for wheels and tires. 

Foam Cannon/Gun

Fill the foam solution bottle with warm water. Add 2 oz. of shampoo to the foam solution bottle. Fine-tune the air/solution ratio to produce the desired amount of foam. For thicker foam, add more soap to the foam solution bottle.



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