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003 - Ceramic Booster | N9 x Wraptors

003 - Ceramic Booster | N9 x Wraptors

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N9 x Wraptors Ceramic Booster| Ceramic Coating Fortify Spray Top Coat Polish & Ceramic Polymer Paint Sealant and Protection| Ultra Gloss Shine| Coats In Seconds| U.V Ray Protectant| Non-Toxic 100% Natural Formula | 8oz 240ml

No Streaking, Smearing, or Scratching: Our Ceramic Booster is a gentle and effective
polish for any vehicle! Get a clean, shiny finish that bonds to your car's ceramic coating!

Boosting Technology: Cleans, shines, protects, and easily removes dirt, dust,
fingerprints, and smudges in seconds. This powerful coating enhances your vehicles
protection, slickness, and durability unlike anything else on the market.

High Gloss Formula: Formulated using all-new gloss-enhancing polymers, our Ceramic Booster creates an impressive show-winning shine. It is the most effective hydrophobic
ceramic spray available on the market!


U.V Ray Protectant: N9 x Wraptors Ceramic Booster is a gloss-enhancing quick boosting spray that protects your ceramic coating from U.V Rays.

USAGE: Spray N9 x Wraptors Ceramic Booster on your ceramic coating, using a premium microfiber cloth. Gently remove dirt and debris and buff to a streak-free shine. Our Ceramic Booster will leave your coating with a thin protective layer that bonds with the coating to give a slick, high-gloss shine. 


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